National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(NREGA)

Everyone knows About MGNREGA, as it is the best job guarantee scheme of India. the MGNREGA ( Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment guarantee act is designed to provide job guarantee for at least 100 days in rural parts of the country. through this scheme , all the adult members ( at least 18 years of age) of the any family in rural part of the country are given non-skilled work.  The Mahatma Gandhi Nationwide Non-urban Career Assurance Act (MGNREGA) is an Indian job guarantee program, presented by regulation on Aug 25, 2005. The program provides a legal guarantee for one hundred days of occupation in every financial year to mature associates of any rural family willing to do public work-related inexperienced guide perform at the legal lowest salary of INR120 (about US$2.17) per day last year prices. The Indian central Gov. Expenditure for program is about INR40, 000 crore (around US$7.24 billion) in financial year of 2010–11.
About MGNREGA act was presented with an aim of helping the buying power of the rural individuals; mainly partial or un-skilled perform to individuals living in rural parts of the country, whether or not they are below the hardship line. About one-third of the predetermined workforce is women. The law was originally known as the Nationwide Non-urban Career Assurance Act (or NREGA) but was relabeled on 2 2009. In the year of 2011, the program was commonly criticized as no more effective than other hardship decrease programs in the country of India. Regardless of its finest objectives, popular MGNREGA is beset with debate about damaged authorities, lack funding as the source of resources, low quality of facilities designed under this program, and random dangerous impact on hardship.


The popular NREGA OR Nationwide Non-urban Career Assurance Act  is designed at improving the income protection of the people in rural areas by ensuring hundred days of salary occupation in a financial year, to a rural family whose associates offer to do inexperienced guide work. The purpose of the Act is to make resilient resources and enhance the income source platform of the rural inadequate. The choice of works recommended in the Act deal with causes of serious hardship such as famine. The high deforestation, complete land problem, in order to  course of action of occupation creation is on a maintainable basis works recommended in the Act details causes of serious hardship like famine, deforestation and land break down completely, in order to  the modus operandi of occupation creation is managed on a maintainable base. Therefore, by observing the main aims and objectives of this government scheme, people can easily understand the benefits of the program.
Objectives of NREGA


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